Hera Björk

Occupation: Singer / Songwriter / CVT Coach

Hometown: Reykjavík

Current Residence:  Downtown Reykjavík

Q & A

  1. Where did you grow up and how was it? I grew up in Breiðholt & Seljahverfi, a suburb of Reykjavík. It was great, great, great, got to play in houses being built, swim in the pond while it was still allowed, go fishing in the little creeks (yes. This was like living in the countryside), everyone knew everyone and we played “The Good & the Bad” every day, all day…. LOVED IT & miss it.
  2. What would the title of your autobiography be? Been there, done that & doing it all over again.
  3. What are your favourite travel destinations? At the moment…CHILE. Lived there with my hubby & children for little over a year and we had a great, growing & bonding experience. Chile is a beautiful country with amazing extremes in the wonderful Nature. Everything there has magical energy, a bit like here in Iceland, except there it´s warm, unless you go to the south. They have the Andes, the Pacific, The Atacama Desert and Antarctica …and the best Avocado in the world, hands down.
  4. When you think of Reykjavík, what immediately comes to mind? People…family, friends, fun, music, evening walks & Ice cream.
  5. What can’t you travel without? My Phone & my headphones, and my passport of course.
  6. How do you like to spend your weekend? Relaxing with my family, hiking and going to the swimming-pool.
  7. What is your favourite book, by Icelandic author? Hmmmm… I think I will say “Grámosin Glóir” by Thor Vilhjálmsson – read that book in high school and for some reason it stuck with me and I love it. I also must mention a book called “Allt hold er hey” by author Þorgrímur Þráinsson – it always pops to mind when thinking of great books I´ve read.
  8. Where do you get your art-fix in Reykjavík, and do you have any favourite artists? My art fix would be music of all sort – I wish I could go to more concerts but one of my goals this year is to fix that. Café Rosenberg is a great place to go to listen to live music, Harpa Music Hall is also fantastic for bigger events and the classical scene. But what I love most is to go to Hallgrímskirkja and listen to one of the choirs there do their magic…absolutely breath-taking every time.
  9. What are some of your favourite stores in Reykjavík? I love browsing through the interior designer stores & look at some new Icelandic practical design of all sort. I adore the bookstores Eymundsson and Mál & Menning and we go there very often just to look at magazines, look at the flora of people and drink coffee.
  10. What music are you listening to these days, and who are some of your favourite Icelandic musicians?  The CD I´m listening to at the moment is called “Bambaló” and the artist is a great friend of mine, the genius woman Kristjana Stefánsdóttir. There are so many good artists doing great stuff here…but to name a few I love Björk, Emiliana Torrini, Retro Stefsson, Svavar Knútur, Hildur, Jón Jónsson, RuGI, Bogomil, Páll Óskar, Reykjavíkurdætur etc. etc.
  11. Your favourite Icelandic culinary dish? Smoked lamb with white sauce, potatoes, red cabbage salat & “Ora grænar” Beans+ Malt & Appelsín in a tall glass.
  12. What Icelandic movie would you recommend? I recently saw the film “EIÐURINN”, can easily recommend that one – another genius one is “Hross í oss”…amazingly honest film.
  13. Reason you would recommend Iceland as a destination? The energy, the nature, the people and the light.
  14. Who would you like to sit next to on a plane? George Michael…I´m sad that I never got the chance to.
  15. The must – do and must see in Iceland? You must go to a swimming pool, the more “out there”, the better. You must see the Elves, they will love you

Welcome to my home country and enjoy your stay.

Kossar & Knús / Besos & Abrazos / Hugs & Kisses / Kram & Kys