Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir                

Short bio: I was born. I’ve done my best to live to the fullest ever since.

Occupation: Cultural entrepreneur, filmmaker, consultant.

Hometown: Hafnarfjörður

Q & A

  1. Where did you grow up and how was it? In Garðabær. There was plenty of time, space and freedom. Also, lava fields. The door was always unlocked at home. All this inspired my imagination.
  2. What would the title of your autobiography be? Never a Dull Moment.
  3. What are your favourite travel destinations? Snæfellsnes, the Westfjords, Þórsmörk, Vatnajökull National Park. Otherwise I follow the weather or my friends; everywhere is fabulous.
  4. When you think of Reykjavík, what immediately comes to mind? Wind in my ears, mountain Esja and view of the ocean.
  5. What can’t you travel without? My eye-glasses.
  6. How do you like to spend your weekend? Exploring; food, wine, conversations with friends and family, nature, skiing, hiking, cycling, arts & culture, movies or books.
  7. What is your favourite book, by Icelandic author? The Blue Fox, by Sjón. Salka Valka by Laxness.
  8. Where do you get your art-fix in Reykjavík, and do you have any favourite artists? From my artist friends, the museums, galleries, various events, theatres… Ragnar Kjartans, Anna Júlía, Hugdetta, AdHD, Kviss Búmm Bang, Erna Ómarsdóttir, the Icelandic Love Corporation, Sara Riel, etc. etc.
  9. What are some of your favourite stores in Reykjavík? Gallery Spark (now online), Aftur – Laugavegur, Stefánsbúð – Miðstræti 12 and Hugdetta – Barónsstígur 27.
  10. What music are you listening to these days, and who are some of your favourite Icelandic musicians? Björk, Úlfur Eldjárn, Högni Egilsson, Sigríður Thorlacius, Óskar Guðjónsson,
  11. Your favourite Icelandic culinary dish? Most fish.
  12. What Icelandic movie would you recommend? InnSæi – the Sea Within.
  13. Reason you would recommend Iceland as a destination? Nature and lots of space.
  14. Who would you like to sit next to on a plane? Someone quiet.
  15. The must – do and must see in Iceland? Inside the, Swimming pools. Northern Lights (you can see them from Reykjavik too you know). Natural pools. Hike wherever the wind takes you, don’t plan too much. Glaciers. Swim in the ocean.