Magnús Geir Eyjólfsson

Short bio: Not so adventurous father of three with a taste for food and beautiful football. Lived in Borgarnes, Reykjavík, Tokyo and Georgia. Uncontrollable fear of spiders and roller-coasters.

Occupation: Representing Iceland at NATO Liason Office in Georgia.

Hometown: Reykjavík

Current Residence:  Tbilisi, Georgia.

Q & A

  1. Where did you grow up and how was it? I grew up in Borgarnes, the picturesque town where all the real MVP Vikings lived. It was great. Most people don’t know but Reykjavik is actually an outskirt of Borgarnes.
  2. What are your favorite travel destinations? Living in the South Caucasus everywhere there´s order and discipline is a haven. In that case I´d go for München, it has great beer too.
  3. What are your favorite thing to do on a winter afternoon in Reykjavík? Teaming up with my friends from Þróttur Old Boys for a game of football. Under the stars, with the stars.
  4. If you could choose one person to show you “their Reykjavík” who would it be? Someone who could unveil the secrets of Reykjavik´s suburbs. Social media icon Hjálmar Örn would be ideal, he knows Árbær and Grafarvogur like the back of his hand. Plus, he is a monumentally funny ginger person.
  5. What are your favorite restaurants in Reykjavík? Tapas-barinn is a classic, afterwards go to Slippbarinn for cocktails.
  6. What is your favorite book, by Icelandic author? Íslandsklukkan and Sjálfstætt fólk by Laxness. Really gives you an insight to Icelandic mentality.
  7. Where do you get your art-fix in Reykjavík, and do you have any favorite artists? Not exactly the arty type but I binge on Iceland Airwaves. Great party every year and FM Belfast are the top of the lot.
  8. Your favorite Icelandic culinary dish? The famous snúður in Geirabakarí in Borgarnes. The one with the hard chocolate. Consumed with cold milk or kókómjólk.
  9. Your favorite Icelandic beer? Usually Einstök White Ale but the Chocolate Christmas Beer from Kaldi last year literally made me cry.
  10. What season would you recommend to go to Iceland and why? Nothing beats the Icelandic summer. It´s the absolute best.
  11. What Icelandic gift would you recommend to bring back home? Nóa Kropp covered in Turkish pepper, in abundance.
  12. Who would you like to sit next to on a plane? Depends. For good laughs, definitely John Oliver and Samantha Bee. Otherwise Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel.